Friday, September 5, 2014

Whew! Another week completed!

We had such a great week!
Our class introduced many new routines this week and we are getting closer to operating as a full day with all content areas. We introduced the following:

  • Math Instruction introducing our topic on Geometry. This week, it was on 2-dimensional shapes. We are expected to learn the circle, square, rectangle, triangle and hexagon. We had a variety of opportunities to identify, create, and name these shapes. We are working on our first iBook that should be uploaded next week! If you have a tablet, or iPhone, you should be able to read this book at home!
  • Handwriting: Students introduced how we form letters the "school way". We stroke from the top to the bottom and worked on the letters l and i. We introduced the white boards and dry erase markers and the structure that is in place in order for us to maximize our learning time!
  • We had another fire drill... we did great!
  • We introduced our Poetry Folder and read the three poems that we have worked on from the past two weeks.
A picture of math and art integration inspired by Wassily Kandinsky.


K.G1.1 Identify squares and circles.

K.G1.3 Describe relative positions of shapes.

K.G2.4 Draw simple two-dimensional shapes.

K.G2.6 Put simple flat shapes together to form larger shapes.

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